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  1. postediting

    Jonny Lang (JLJCR) Limited Edition signature Martin guitar. Only 111 of them were made, all in year 2000.

    Value investigation:

    One was sold recently:
    Martin ‘Johnny Lang’
    £1400 SOLD

    1,400.00 GBP
    = 1,595.36 EUR
    = 2,256.80 USD

    Another person was selling one of these same guitars just a few years ago, also in England:

    for £1950
    = 2,222.11 EUR
    = 3,143.40 USD

  2. Nick Richter

    I have a 1999 Martin D-2R. Anybody know what this model is worth these days. The model is never on Ebay or Craigslist.
    I paid $850.00 brand new in 1999 and was wanting to bump up to a HD-28 or similar.

  3. John

    Search the 000c David Gray Model.
    Please contact me if you know sth :)

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