3 responses to “Axvault “G” Alert Stolen Guitars- (North Bay Area) San Fran- California”

  1. Kyle O'Hare

    BTW, contact me if you see these guitars. My email address is kyleohare@gmail.com.

  2. wannabe

    Kyle, do you have more information so I can post them under stolen guitars with detail, serial numbers, years, woods etc.
    Mike- Admin

    1. Kyle O'Hare

      Sure the Showmaster is an ’04? MIK , Serial #05013185. It’s got a quilted tiger maple top, mahogany neck & body with Seymour Duncan pups.

      The Kramer is an ’89 I think – darker metallic red color, left handed with ‘drop D’ Floyd Rose bridge ; and in great condition.

      The Strat is Lake Placid blue, with a bunch of stickers all over it and pretty beat up. Has a Seymour Duncan hum-bucker in the bridge.

      More photos: http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n607/kyle-ohare/

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