Gibson 1995 Nighthawk Custom - Vintage Sunburst

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Keith Storey

AxVault Record No.: 2235

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  • Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model/Stylename: 1995 Nighthawk Custom - Vintage Sunburst
  • Serial Number: 91145701
  • Serial Number Location: Back of headstock
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Description: 1995 Gibson Nighthawk Custom - Vintage Sunburst, with Floyd Rose tremolo. This was my second Nighthawk, purchased in 1996 from Jackson's Music, Atlanta, GA. These pickups are more powerful than the 1993! An awesome guitar!!
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

19 responses to “Gibson 1995 Nighthawk Custom – Vintage Sunburst”

  1. wannabe

    Do play this one a lot?

  2. Keith

    Not as much as I used to. But, when I do play (basically jamming with friends) this is the one I play. So versatile and powerful!



  3. Dan U

    Ever consider selling it?

    1. Keith

      Never really thought about it, Dan. I have had, over the years, a lot of compliments on the guitar, but never any serious inquiries. Are you really interested? I suppose everyone has their price.

  4. Mark Chandonnet

    I would like to know more about the Gibson Nighthawk with the floyd rose tremolo bar.

    1. Keith

      Hi, Mark. What is it that you would like to know? It is my favorite guitar. It is in mint condition. It has the “push-pull” Tone pot that changes from Double-coil to Single-coil modes. The Floyd Rose tremolo is not my favorite feature on the guitar so I have it “blocked-off” or in a fixed position presently. I just never got the hang of efficiently changing strings with the floating tremolo. But the tremolo can be easily restored to its intended application. I just played it this weekend with friends and there were only 4 strings within a couple coins of being slightly sharp, after sitting since February…a really solid guitar! Let me know if there is any additional information…

  5. mark chandonnet

    Yes, I would be interested in purchasing the Custom Nighthawk. I own a 1996 Nighthawk with all of the same qualities as the custom but without the tremolo bar. I am interested in using the tremolo bar, but have a consideration with it since it has been modified for your needs. But, I am not sure if you are interested in selling the guitar or not. The guitar has a great sound and is comfortable to play. I love playing surf songs and would like to use the tremolo. Please let me know of the status?

  6. Keith

    Hi Mark,
    The Floyd Rose Tremolo has not been modified in any respect. I have placed a 9 volt Duracell battery beneath the tremolo to restrict the negative movement and tightened the tensions springs, is all. Should you and I come to a deal, I can easily restore it to its original factory condition before shipment to you. I installed strap locks but still have the original strap “hooks” that I would replace as well. The guitar has its original Gibson hard shell case with combination master lock and pretty pink interior with cover skirt.

    Being my favorite guitar, this conversation is really starting to scare me at this point. Knowing that everyone/everything has its price, I guess that you’ll need to make me an offer as a starting point, understanding that I may not be able to turn loose of my baby.

    Thanks for the inquiry.


  7. Greg Daust

    I would concider it …. but….the floyd turns me off ! love the guitar though…..just not for me !

  8. austin

    Love to buy, $800 for it

    1. Keith

      Hahahahahaha. No thanks.

  9. Conner

    I would offer you 1100 if its in ok shape, 1200 if there are no scratches dinges, or dents.

    1. Keith

      Sorry, Conner. I paid more than that 20 years ago. BTW, no scratches, dings or dents. It is perfect and will be 20 years old in a couple months. No thanks.

  10. Jo Irizarry

    Is she still for sale ?

    1. Keith

      Sorry for the delay. I just got your message!

      If you are interested, make me an offer.


  11. Vincent chopard

    Hi Keith
    Can you tell me how much did you pay your guitar 20 years ago ? Because I have one to sell (in Switzerland) but I don’t know the price… Thank you !

    Vincent C.

    1. Keith

      Hi, Vincent,
      I paid $1,250.00 (USD), plus tax for it in February 1996.


      1. Xavier

        Oh, and while I’m at it Keith, this is not a custom, but a Standard 3 pickups (st3) with floyd. Very nice though !


    2. Xavier

      Hi Vincent, Did you finally sell yours ?

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