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AxVault Record No.: 3591

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  • Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: BURNY
  • Model/Stylename: FLYING V
  • Serial Number: 92911
  • Serial Number Location: Under neck pickup
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: Black and chrome flying V Burny from the mid top late 80's. Can't get a specific year due to lack of available info. Made by the Matsumoko company in Japan. Post law suit so doesn't have the Gibson shaped truss rod cover. Neck thru body all mahogany.
  • Vintage Guitar? No
  • Modifications: Modified
  • Comments: Originally a TOM bridge but converted to a very rare style of Fernandes Floyd Rose by the original owner. I've changed this to a Floyd Rose special. However all that remains of the special is the base plate as all other components of it I've upgraded. Steel saddles, big brass block, stainless steel bolts and locking screws, brass fine tuners and heavy duty springs. The colour scheme I've changed to black and gold which is nearly finished. Just the pickguard and tuners to go. It wails. Original owner left the posts in from the TOM that was in there. Not very visible but I'm considering a gold screw in cap on the inserts too. Narrow neck takes an R1 size locking nut. Very slim body and light weight. Of course it looks cool as fuck. Pictures to follow very soon.

Guitar Body

  • Body Color: Black
  • Body Shape: Flying v
  • Scale: 24.75
  • Fretboard Radius (Neck Width): Not sure actually.
  • Body Wood: Mahagoney
  • Neck Wood: Mahagoney
  • Fret Board/Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
  • Finish/Laquer: Poly Urethane
  • Body Options: Floating Bridge

Control Knobs

  • Volume: Two
  • Tone: One
  • Pick-up Switching: 3 Position
  • Tremelo: Yes
  • Tremelo Manufacturer: Floyd Rose
  • Tremelo Description: Floyd Rose special fully upgraded with big brass block and fine tuner screws. Stainless steel bolts and string lock screws with steel saddles and heavy duty springs.
  • Knob Shape: Top Hats
  • Knob Color: Gold and black


  • Jack Location: Top


  • Number: Two
  • Neck Pickup Manufacturer: Takeuchi
  • Neck Pickup Type: Great Japanese paf copy. Very accurate.
  • Pickup Covers: No
  • Bridge Pickup Manufacturer: Takeuchi
  • Bridge Pickup Type: paf
  • Other Bridge Pickup Information: Great Japanese paf copy. Very accurate.
  • Fret Board Wood: Ebony
  • Truss Rod Cover: White with gold Burny logo.
  • Number of Frets: 22
  • Tuners: chromese klusons with green pearloid keystones.
  • Neckplate: No
  • Nut Width: R1

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