Gibson 1982 ES-335 dot reissue

Manny Gonzalez

AxVault Record No.: 2091

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  • Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model/Stylename: 1982 ES-335 dot reissue
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Description:
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

3 responses to “Gibson 1982 ES-335 dot reissue”

  1. Steve Cardenas

    Hi Manny,

    I’m interested in your 1982 Es-335. Possible to send more photos, back, fingerboard, neck? I don’t doubt it’s in perfect condition. I just want to compare it with one I already own. Also, what’s the price?



  2. Steve

    Hi Manny,

    I didn’t realize this wasn’t a site for selling guitars. I should’ve looked more closely before writing before. Sorry about that.

    All the best,


    1. wannabe

      Hi Steve,

      People can sell their instruments if they want. A newer feature we added was for sale not for sale and make me an offer. Many people have sold many guitars on this site. The site is open for what people want to use it for.

      Mike Admim

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