Brian C. Hoese

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Playing for nearly 28 years building and repairing for 12 years. Owned over 70 guitars in the last 8 years currently own 15 guitars. Owner BCH Guitars in Gilbert AZ. providing custom built instruments, modification, refinishing and restoration, repairs, tooling, template design and manufacturing, custom built jigs, custom wood replacement hardware(pickup rings, truss covers, cavity covers, bridges pick-guards and knobs.

Guitar I would love to own:

David Thomas McNaught Dual Cut quilt top in blue.

Favorite guitar in my collection:

PRS Santana II Brazillian

The guitar I would love to add to my collection:

Gibson Early 70's Built Les Paul Custom

My favorite guitar manufacturer:


My favorite Luthier or tech:


My favorite amplifier:

Mesa Boogie Road King II

My favorite guitar show:


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Favorite place to shop for guitars:


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