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  • ThumbnailLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse at est leo, vitae euismod lorem. Vestibulum a nulla consequat risus tempor porttitor consequat et turpis. Aenean orci tortor, euismod nec ullamcorper id, pretium in nisi. Fusce ut dolor vel quam mollis condimentum eget porttitor enim. Vestibulum eget felis libero. Fusce nulla…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailI sure this is not a complete list. I am sure I missed some. Excludes Custom Colors. If you other post them. Every Gibson Post is connected or displayed all at once.             All-Antique Gold Antique Gold Antique Gold, Front Antique Natural Antique Pelham Blue Antique Sunburst Antique Tea Burst Black Black Cherry Black Flat …[Read more]

  • Gruhn Guitars is a famous vintage instrument shop and place of interest located in Nashville, Tennessee. The business opened on January 2, 1970. It was originally called GTR, standing for George Gruhn, Tut Taylor and Randy Wood; a story has circulated that country music star Hank Williams, Jr. encouraged Gruhn to go into business. The […]

  • admin wrote a new blog post: About Guitars 6 years, 4 months ago

    The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number but sometimes more, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with either nylon […]

  • ThumbnailPolice hunt for 61 stolen rare and vintage guitars Police ar Police are trying to locate 61 guitars which are worth up to £50,000 each here is the list.  Each Guitar will be listed separately with pictures West Yorkshire  UK Police Appeal to Trace Antique Guitars ¿, 1ÔÏI Fender Jaguar  1966 ,Candy Apple Red. 183708 Fender Jaguar Dakota […]

  • ThumbnailWest Yorkshire UK Police Appeal to Trace Antique Guitars   Police are trying to locate 61 guitars which are worth up to £50,000 each here is the list.  Each Guitar will be listed separately with pictures.   Fender Jaguar  1966 ,Candy Apple Red 183708 Fender Jaguar Dakota Red ‘63 LOi 540 Fender Jazzmaster 1967 Olympic White 157024 Fender…[Read more]

  • Pete Duran of North Charleston is paring down his belongings as he prepares to move to Israel to help train that country’s young firefighters. His old guitar collection didn’t make the cut. “It breaks my heart to have to lose them, but I have to prioritize what I’m going to take,” said Duran, a former […]

  • ThumbnailNEW YORK (AFP) – Rock legend Eric Clapton parted with 70 of his guitars in a charity auction that drew hundreds of fans and aficionados, and broke sale estimates. Clapton’s 1948 Gibson hollow body guitar on Wednesday brought in $83,000, making it the most expensive item in the auction. Its estimated value stood at $30,000. Most […]

  • ThumbnailGUEST: It was actually my grandmother’s guitar. She bought it from her brother right before he left for World War II with intentions of selling it back to him when he arrived back home, but a few things changed. She kept the guitar, passed it down to my father, and my father recently passed it to […]

  • Jay Lichty holds a wafer-thin sheet of unfinished wood to his ear and firmly taps it with his fingertips. A resonant, almost drum-like sound rings out. “That already sounds like it’s going to have music coming out of it, doesn’t it?” Lichty said with a smile. While all wood produces sound, it’s Lichty’s passion to […]

  • ThumbnailReuters) – More than 70 guitars belonging to legendary British music icon Eric Clapton will go on the auction block in New York next week to raise money for his drug and alcohol treatment centre in the Caribbean. The instruments, shown at a preview on Friday, include a 2005 Fender Stratocaster Signature Model, which is expected […]

  • ThumbnailIs the short span when Gibson was flooded make a difference in the quality of guitars.  Are they selling guitars from the flooded area?  I see this picture and think  what happened to all these blanks- unfinished guitars?