57 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

57 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

Body: Carved 3-piece maple top with gold finish, single-bound top. Dark-stain mahogany body and neck.

Neck: Round and fat, with clean rosewood fingerboard. No neck wear to speak of.

Pickups: Very clean-sounding, detailed PAFs (perhaps underwound?), attached with original solder joints.

Setup/Playability: The narrow original frets are still high enough to dig into, and the guitar is very smooth up and down the neck.

Cosmetic Condition: Very clean, with only occasional scratches on the top, back, and neck. The gold finish shows just the slightest hint of checking here and there.

Modifications: Replaced tuner button by our technician.

Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz

Case: Original hardshell case.

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