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Posted on: November 18, 2010

We started AxVault because there was no place on the web to find out about guitars. You have search through a dozen sites. My Gibson L4 Guitar had a marking on the headstock “Not For Resale”. Of course Gibson says they did not know the history of this guitar and why it was labeled this way. Most likely it is a factory second or demo model, but it made me curious about its history. They said they did not sell factory seconds in 1987 when it was built. I thought if I could create a space where players, collector, builders could comment maybe we could develop a form of wiki-guitar, collection site. Maybe there would be a paper trail/ electronic paper trail for me to follow.

Thus AxVault.

Originally we thought of a Term “Virtual Provenance” for our AxVault beta site to describe this information chain. Maybe there is another way to describe it. I have heard it called E-pedigree, Well here we are, a second go- around. It has proven to be difficult. We may not have a lot of things right. But we are trying. Our hope is one day, we have as many guitars posted by owners and collectors as we have current model offerings from all builders big and small. Then this site will be a trove of history and information. Not to take away from the sites that focus on one brand or one model of guitar. We hope to be the repository of the history of guitars, not a competitor.

We are trying to make posting fast and granular. The guitar is a complex instrument. Please we welcome all feedback and suggestions to help us push this forward.


The AxVault Team.

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