2 responses to “Guild Guitar Models”

  1. Dennis Espantman

    I have an unusual Guild Pilot Bass. The Serial # is BE100560.

    Made in the USA.

    I think it may have been produced in the mid – eighties.

    It has active EMG P/J pickups, A Kahler bridge with a whammy bar, and, it’s got a factory Zebra Design paint job.

    It’s in excellent shape, plays great, sounds great.

    any idea what it may be worth?

  2. V

    I have an unusual pointy guild 6 string that I have NEVER seen another copy of

    It has a pointed headstock, kinda like the Brian May, and has stars for the fret markers. It just has a humbucker at the bridge w/single volume, and is a hardtail. It has a white body. Very pointy!

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