Standard Gibson Guitar Colors

Posted on: March 19, 2011

I sure this is not a complete list. I am sure I missed some. Excludes Custom Colors. If you other post them. Every Gibson Post is connected or displayed all at once.

Sample of Gibson Guitar Color All Anitque Gold

All Antique Gold

Sample of Gibson Guitar Color Alpine White

Alpine White

Sample of Gibson Anitque Cherry

Antique Cherry

Sample of Gibson Guitar Color Anitque Ebony

Antique Ebony


All-Antique Gold SG

Antique Gold Les Paul

Antique Gold Les Paul


Antuque Natural

Antuque Natural



      Antique Pelham Blue

      Antique Pelham Blue


      Antique Sunburst

      Antique Sunburst


        • All-Antique Gold
        • Antique Gold
        • Antique Gold, Front
        • Antique Natural
        • Antique Pelham Blue
        • Antique Sunburst
        • Antique Tea Burst
        • Black
        • Black Cherry
        • Black Flat
        • Blue/Green
        • Bourbonburst
        • Brown Stripe
        • Butterscotch
        • Camo Bullseye
        • Candy Apple Red
        • Candy Orange
        • Cherry
        • Cherry Sunburst
        • Cherry, Group Shot
        • Classic White
        • Dark Tobacco Burst
        • Ebony
        • Ebony with Inlaid Rose
        • Faded Cherry
        • Faded Cherry Sunburst
        • Faded Cherry, Front
        • Faded Tobacco
        • Fire Engine Red
        • FireMist
        • Gold Top
        • Group Shot
        • Haynes Burst
        • Heritage Cherry Sunburst
        • Heritage Cherry Sunburst Front
        • Ice Tea
        • Lemonburst
        • Light Burst
        • Light Burst
        • Mahogany
        • Metallic Gold
        • Metallic Green
        • Midnight Ebony
        • Midnight Manhattan
        • Natural
        • Natural Satin
        • Oxblood
        • Pearl White

          Les Paul Butterscotch

          Butterscotch Les Paul

        • Raven Black
        • Red
        • Red Mahogany Brown
        • Ritenour Faded Cherry
        • Ritenour Faded Cherry
        • Silverburst
        • Sunrise Orange
        • Trans Black
        • Trans Blue
        • Trans Cherry
        • Trans Red Top
        • Transparent Black
        • Transparent Blue
        • Transparent Red
        • TV Yellow
        • Vintage Sunburst
        • Vintage Sunburst, Front
        • Violet Burst
        • Walnut Stain
        • Washed Cherry
        • Washed Cherry, Front
        • Wine Red
        • Worn Brown

        4 responses to “Standard Gibson Guitar Colors”

        1. Ric Winter

          Can you send me the color code number for the Gibson ES-335 ‘wine red’ color, please? If possible, I want the code numbers for both the gloss wine red and the matte wine red. Thank you very much, just for being there.

        2. Ric Winter

          Nobody ever replied to my request for the Gibson color code number of the wine red color for neck touch-up paint.

          Ric Winter

          1. wannabe

            Someone member I am sure knows. It just may take a while for that person to get back to you. The community is very knowledgeable

            Mike admin

        3. Jack Hollowell

          I have a 2002 Gibson CS-336. Gibson told me that with the serial number that the color code was GG but that they did not know what color that was. It looks like the All-Antique Gold that you have a picture of the SG in the same color. It was not a color that was offered for that guitar and they can not say whether or not it was a custom order. They, and I, have not seen another gold ( front and back )CS-336. Does anyone have any idea this? Here is a link to see the guitar.

          Thanks, Jack

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