22 responses to “List/Register you guitar collection, and get a chance to win a New Gibson Les Paul Standard”

  1. David Patton

    Gibson faded SG standard, Martin 12-string acoustic.

  2. Andrzej Wojnar

    Ovation CC24S-5
    Fleabass The Wild One

  3. Leland Osborne

    Gibson Les Paul Special Sl Humbucker, Gretsch G5120, Prestige Heritage Standard,Squire Standard Strat (I think),Axl Headliner SRO Series, Takamine F005 TBS, and an old (57-58 maybe) archtop I believe it is a Kay, but it’s been refinished and all markings were painted over.

  4. Seth Okrend

    Gibson ES-335, Les Paul Standard, Firebird, J-45, ES-125, L-4, ES-165, Martin HD-28, Epiphone Emporer Regent, Les Paul II, Yamaha Pacifica, SE-250, Kelly Telecaster, Juan Orozco classical, Fernandes acoustic,

  5. edward hourigan

    i hope i win 🙂

  6. edward hourigan

    i forgot to put my collectoin well…………i dnt have one :””( i play on alott of my friends but i really want one so if u could plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!………….maybe……….let me win????????

  7. wannabe

    Tell your friends to post, but don’t tell them were the site is until they give a piece of the Les Paul. I did post another guitar give-away at Gibson. I think anyone can enter. Search on site for gibson or giva-away and the link should come up.

  8. Tim

    An epiphone electric and accoustic, really really could use a Les Paul

  9. larry finley

    i have a S 101 white
    i have a fender squier strat black
    1 have a fender copy bass tan
    i have a washburn x series – red
    i have a 1958 goya acustic tan
    i have a first act me501 -8ea080415536 red
    i have a epiphone special SG modal-sio6110212 black
    i have a ibanez rg S120 seriers red
    i have a flying v hand made black
    i have a blue stratocaster
    i have Drive Wildfire black
    i have a Jadee acustic 6 string tan
    i have a Estebans 6 string acustic guitar blue and black
    i have a 12 satring acustic gibson sunburst

  10. larry finley

    i gave a bass to my nephew and a stratocator too!!!!!!

  11. wannabe

    what kind of Strat?

  12. grumpygrampy

    Guild Liberator, Martin DC-16RGTE, Ovation 6 string

  13. mary rivers

    I have a Gibson Cs-336 in cherry red, Prs Custom 22, Prs limited edition Corvette guitar, Prs Acoustic Tonare Grand, Taylor Dave Mathews signature guitar, Fender standard stratocaster in a rare color (Shoreline Gold) and a Schecter C-1 Classic. I have never owned a Les Paul, but I’d really like one!

  14. wannabe

    You have come to the right place. Someone will get the Les Paul. I hope you like the site too. I love guitars and guitar music. This just seemed like a cool idea. Mike -ADMIN

  15. keith kodish

    ’74 les paul cherry burst standard,serial#440031

  16. keith kodish

    ’66 gibson b-45 12 string,serial#849631

  17. keith kodish

    ’73 gibson dove custom,serial#a00146

  18. queenee

    martin D35 brazilian rosewood
    guillermo del pilar brazilian rosewood classical
    nickerson fc3s acoustic guitar
    martin 0018

  19. Jim Donovan

    Washburn RX-22
    Epiphone Les Paul Special

  20. Brian Broussard

    Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus DC and a Fender 1962 Telecaster autographed by Hank Williams Jr.

  21. atiq.

    ok…. i only have a rolf guitar .. a german brand’s handmade
    thats the reason why i want one

    1. wannabe

      A rolf is a supposed to be a good guitars- How does it play?

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