12 responses to “Gibson Guitar at the Heart of Nashville Vacation Contest- another Chance to Win A Les Paul Standard Besides axvault.com”

  1. Jim

    Thanks. Cant argue with the chance to add another Les PAul to my collection.

  2. Allen Alsom

    can’t beat free with a stick

  3. Jim Flynn

    I need to win something…at least once in my life!

  4. Wally Dow

    OK … How do I register. Clicking on the picture does not do anything except show the picture in a different window.

  5. Bob Rohn

    Yep, I need a Gibson, it’s been a long time without!

  6. Jim Trease

    I could use a Les Paul!

  7. Ted Evans

    This win will make up for my stolen Les Paul 65′ Junoir and a 1978 Les Paul Goldtop that my wife has had her engagement/wedding rings with the money I sold it for. Ain’t Love Grand! No – Regrets !

  8. wannabe


    we list stolen guitars so if you have any information send it to info@axvault.com and we will get the word out. Where when etc. is helpful

  9. David L.Beecher

    I could really use a Les Paul or it could really use me abuse me ! rock me thru the night!!!!

  10. David L.Beecher

    Moderation what’s that? everything all the time NXS live love rock til you drop!!!!!

  11. Ron Frakes

    I need at least 1 LP.

  12. Tony Angstead

    I would like to win.

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