70 responses to “We had A winner But will work on another give-a-way- List/Register you guitar collection, and get a chance to win a $3000.00 New Gibson Les Paul Standard”

  1. Casey

    Hi, I’m Patrick Keegan’s guitar teacher. Cool site you have going here! I don’t have pictures of my guitars, or a digital camera to upload them, but maybe he could bring a camera to our lesson and take pictures of them? Provided is the model and serial number of each:

    Martin Acoustic
    D-1 R
    serial # 586089

    Gibson Les Paul Studio, Dark Green, USA made
    serial # 00800451


  2. wannabe


    Thanks. I just thought it would a cool idea. A online registry/archive of all guitar ever made or to be built. What I think is important is that you can keep the record private. that way it is documented for authentication, the serial number is set aside as the one that matches that guitar and if it is stolen there is a 3rd party source for authentication.

    If We can get some Ad. revenue I have a ton more ideas for functionality.

    If you a favorite luthier/repair tech let me know. I want to make this place a resource for players to find someone to work on their guitars. it is so difficult to find techs.

  3. edmepplin

    What kind of les Paul? Color etc.

  4. wannabe

    The actual guitar will be based upon availability. All stock with case and axvault record already recorded. Axvault record/post registrations can be transferred to a new owner. So if you sell the guitar you can just give them the axvault record number and they claim it. If they modify the guitar and sell it down the road they can just transfer the record again keeping the a copy of the record in a archive for their own use.

  5. Dawson

    Current axes:

    1) Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Translucent Blue)

    2) Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic

    3) Epiphone SG-400

    4) Fender MIM Strat w/ Fender Texas Special Pickups

    5) Takamine EG523SC G-Series Acoustic

    Thanks for this opportunity! Help turn my Epi Les Paul’s into a GIBSON LES PAUL!

  6. Conor

    My Guitar Collection

    Taylor 414 CE w/cutaway

    Gibson SG Supreme (Red)

    Kramer OG Baretta, Neck Thru with Air norton and Tone Zone Pickups (Black)

    Fender Stratocaster (Mexi) (Black w/white Pickguard)

    Washburn Rover Travler Guitar (Natural Satin Finish)

    Mitchell Acoustic (Circa 2005)

    Epiphone Les Paul Bass (Sunburst Finish)

    I don’t own a Camera =/ But does anyone know if I can submit stock photos? Or would I need to borrow a friends Camera?


  7. wannabe

    Unfortunately you cannot submit stock photos. Everybody is listing and sharing their guitars. it would not be fair to anyone else. Admin You can always borrow one. You can come back and update your posts

  8. wannabe

    Also your post record, and you member number are all you need to enter for the Les Paul. Every Guitar = 1 entry. 100 guitars = 100 entries.

    1. gman13

      hey wannabe.its ben a wile.had couple ministrokes that slow d me down a bit. found the axvault site by luck. i remembr u. Im back .did I win the les paul? (: gman13.

      1. wannabe

        Hi Gman, glad you are up and about. still able to play at all? yes we did give away the guitar. But we have an even bigger one. see below. Just get to friends to mention you on the listing form and you are in for an amp and a PRS

        Everyone, Remember there is another give-away going on right now! In Fact two; One for getting new members to refer you and and you get entered into both, and the new member promo for the PRS. If you are a new member just get two other to join and you too are entered into the Amp promo

        MIke- Wannabe, AxVault admin

  9. Paul Williams

    I don’t have a website. I know that even though I own no guitars of my own, my wife has an old electric and two classical style guitars.

    I would sure love to register to win that guitar, though! Man, would I love the chance! It is my favorite musical instrument and has been since I was a little boy- and I am 62 now.

  10. Slesher

    my collection ;]

    – Ibanez GRX20, Electric
    – Washburn X-Series, Electric
    – Kramer Striker 300ST
    – Fender CD 280SCE Dreadnought Cutaway, Acoustic-Electric
    – Fender Squier 4-string Precision Bass
    – Vinci Signature Acoustic Classical Guitar

  11. wannabe

    FYI One month live tomorrow. And we have decided on some changes. The guitar post, member posts, member will become continuous. The front page has already been shifted a bit and a few more things to come. WE are happy with all the positive response. Thanks everyone. If there is something else we need to change let us know. We have some featured collections coming this week and some interviews. One from Pamelina H.- we did on Friday. She has been custom painting guitars since the eighties. Some custom runs she did for fender and a lot of custom shop work with John Page

  12. Jack Delicious

    2002 Fernandes LE-1 Stratocaster
    2005 Burny Les Paul Custom
    2011 Fender Standard Stratocaster
    2011 Dillion DJM61HP90 Jazzmaster
    196? Silvertone Bobkat
    198? Hondo II Professional double cut

  13. Jameson

    1) Takamine G series Acoustic-electric

    2)Fender Standard Telecaster

    3) Gretsch Electromatic Hollow Body

  14. sparky guitar

    only have 2 guitars
    a 1997 Gibson Les Paul studio classic
    a 1993 Fender Stratocaster deluxe plus
    waiting on Guild 12 string electic-acoustic yr?

  15. Mel Wade

    How about the guitars I’ve built? They have no serial numbers, my fault, should of thought about that when I started building them. I have to Gibson LP’s Custom and Supreme, 1 LP I built, 3 SG’s I built, 5 Tele style, 7 Strat style, 4 left from Eastwood, 1 LP std.I built, and 8 to 12 more I’ve builts the past few years, and didn’t add serial numbers.

  16. Mel Wade

    How about the guitars I’ve built? They have no serial numbers, my fault, should of thought about that when I started building them. I have two Gibson LP’s Custom and Supreme, 1 LP I built, 3 SG’s I built, 5 Tele style, 7 Strat style, 4 left from Eastwood, 1 LP std.I built, and 8 to 12 more I’ve builts the past few years, and didn’t add serial numbers.

  17. wannabe

    Yes. They work for the give-away. One of the ideas behind the website to chronicle a guitars history as it move from owner to owner. Most guitars get passed on,sold, played by others. But the rarely is record. That is part of what this site is about. ADMIN.

  18. Harry Barbee

    1)PRS custom RED guitar
    2)1960s silvertone acoustic
    3)Dean explorer

  19. Keith Fagan

    So, where do I register my guitars?

  20. wannabe


    Right up top in the right corner where it says register my guitar join community etc.


  21. Wally Dow

    I registered my 2006 American Deluxe Fender Stratocaster complete with description and serial number. I hope this is for real and I am registered to win the Les Paul before they no longer are made in the USA.

  22. Omar Zenteno Fuentes

    Dear Sirs;

    Thanks for the cahnce and
    al need to accept that Gibson started, in my humble opinion,
    the great electric guitar tone.

    I love a Ibanez and a Fender that I have , But The Gibson Les Paul Standard, oh I think it is the perfect tone I like and Think it is for me and for alll the audienceeeee!!!!!

  23. wannabe

    I think most guitarist would agree Les Paul is a classic. Many may like Strats better, It kind of like Ford vs. Chevy, BMW vs. Mercedes. But i think too we as guitars players should look at the many custom builders and Luthiers around the world. They make their own kind iconic guitars too

  24. Yaniv Knoll

    Curt G260

  25. Steven F Bopp

    The first guitar I played was a Roy Rogers guitar that my mother had when she was young out in L. A. then I had a Teisco Del Ray electric but the frets came loose. Now I have:
    1-Harmony Sovereign flat-top
    2-Gibson Les Paul electric black
    3-Harmony Marquis flat-top w/ damage to the side that belonged to my God-daughter
    4-black flat-top w/ no name or inside sticker that my step-son got over the internet before he passed away

  26. Mark Clowers

    1. custom strat lite yellow color 1990
    2. Acoustic guitar 1958
    3. Epiphone Les Paul 1993
    4. Flying V Custom Made 2008
    5. Feder strat silver 2005
    6. Les Paul Standard 1988
    7. Dean Vendetta black
    8. Dean Vendetta black w tremolo
    9. Dean Vendetta brown
    10. Yamaha Pacifica Blue
    11. Fender Strat tobacco color
    12. custom Jackson Dinky
    13. Fender strat silver
    14. B.C. Rich Bronze Series Guitar
    15. Randy rhoads flying V

  27. Jeffrey Fike

    Ibanez Roadstar II (white/black)made in Japan circa 1984
    Ibanez RX-750 (woodgrain/gold) made in Japan for Japanese market only circa 1993
    Ibanez Artist series (LP) made in China circa 2008
    Oscar Schmidt Acoustic circa 2002
    Yamaha bass…model #unknown (white/black) made in China circa 1990
    Roge bass Red circa 2005

  28. Don Carr

    I have a 1968 Yamaha acoustic and a American made Fender Srat. I bought the Strat in 2009.I also own an old electric acoustic made by Recording King and Les Paul look alike that I got in 1975. They all work good and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing.

  29. Don Knospe

    So how do we make a list and picks of each guitar?

  30. Don Knospe

    I’m all set now….my confirm membership email was in my spam….all taken care of now. Thanks

  31. Bruce Fontaine

    I couldn’t upload .jpg or .bmp of my 2 guitars. I got an error msg both times.

    Am I in the drawing?

  32. wannabe

    Hi- Yes you are, We have been working on that for a few days.


  33. garry troxtell

    1.1970 les paul custom/cherry sunburst with 57 humbuckers/gold
    2.2002 SG custom emerald green burst with 57 humbuckers/gold
    3.2005 PRS se custom purple/black quiltburst hot pickups
    4.2000 schecter triplexxx black/with hot pickups
    5.2001 epiphone les paul custom blueburst/wih hot pickups
    6.2006 yamaha acoustic blueburst
    7.1940’s silvertone acoustic brown sunburst
    8.1979 les paul custom silverburst chrome/hardware
    9.1976 SG standard cherry/chrome hardware
    10.1982 flying V red/chrome hardware

  34. wannabe

    Nice set of guitars. What’s your favorite?

  35. rick

    1 homemade strat
    2 epi flame cat
    3 jay turser custom les paul
    4 tom delonge strat
    5 mexi strat
    6 homemade tele
    7epi sg 400
    8 dean v coustic
    9 fender soroan acoustic
    10 peavey custom shop acoustic
    11 g l asat hb
    12 fender highway one strat
    13 esp kirk hammet les paul
    14 hamer slammer
    15 gibson classic sg
    16 fender james burton tele

  36. Tom G

    1) fernandes burny RLG-60 LBS
    2) chantry 3369 SB
    3) gretsch electromatic hollow body
    4) yamaha Pacifica
    5) tanglewood earth-200
    6) acoustic solutions stratocaster replica
    7) peavey raptor special
    8) 1/2 size acoustic (no mak or model available)

  37. Tom G

    1/2 size acoustic is a stagg

  38. jpditto

    2012 000-15M 1981 Austin AG310 !970’s Gibson Paul knockoff

  39. Gregory Tyson

    I have an assortment of great guitars:

    1934 National duolian
    1958 Les Paul special(double cut away)
    1958 Les Paul Custom VOS ’95
    1962 Gibson ES-125
    1966 Fender Telecaster
    1968 Gibson SG
    1970 Gibson 335 Blonde
    1970 Telecaster Custom
    1991 Fender Reissue ’57 Strat
    2002 Alembic Explorer
    –Tysonator(homemade) Mahogany/Flame Maple Strat body Graphite neck Kinman single coil and Floyd Rose Tremelo

    –Tysonator II Ash Telecaster body Graphite neck Kinman P90s

  40. Andy Lackow

    1957 Fender Stratocaster (more to come) but how do I post a photo?

  41. Andy Lackow

    Hey I thought I’d be posting as my screen ID, not my REAL NAME. Not happy about posting my guitar collection with my REAL NAME for the whole world wide web to see. Please remove my guitar post ASAP unless I can get into my account and change my name.

  42. AndyManCan

    Okay, cool, I changed my name, no sweat. Here’s the list but where do I post photos?

    ’57 Fender Stratocaster
    ’68 Gibson ES-335
    ’72 Martin D-28
    ’74 Fender Jazz Bass – all blonde
    ’93 ESP Custom Built ’62 Strat
    ’07 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Historic Reissue Les Paul Standard
    ’07 Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue
    ’08 Fender Baja Telecaster
    2 Fender Part-O-Caster Teles I assembled

  43. randy

    92 Squier Strat “Waynes World” Edition!
    2011 Epi Les Paul Special with p90
    2006 Fender Tele MIM

    Would love to win one for my son…Thanks!

  44. Jean Conway

    Favorite: Gibson Les Paul!
    Have accoustic Gibson/Dove.
    No way to upload pics right now.
    Too bad you need two guitars for entry.
    This accoustic I have had for so many years.
    My sister gave to me for a bday present.
    I love the tone.
    Would LOVE an electric, Les Paul!
    No doubt.

  45. wannabe

    I can’t wait to see this guitar

  46. Tony Iacobelli

    1)Epiphone EJ-200 Black
    2)Epiphone EJ-200 natural
    3)Epiphone Chet Atkins SST, Orange Sunburst
    4)Epiphone Dot
    5)Epiphone AJ-200
    6)Epiphone Dove Black
    7)Fender Strat
    8)Fender Tele
    9)Epiphone SG
    10)Fender Acoustic 12 string
    11)Kramer Ferrington Acoustic/Electric
    12)yamaha Bass
    13)Epiphone Paul McCartney style Bass

  47. mike leiker

    well i was gonna send a picture taken from my music room “the early days”….but it wouldn’t let me paste it in this post….the 2 guitars i own as of today are as follows
    1) 1957 LG1 gibson
    2) 2008(very custom)fender squire vintage
    I have a totally custom bass being made for me by a local luthier…will post specs when i take possesion
    i also have a uke, violin, hammerd and strummed dulcimers…and am making a diddleybo
    ya’ll have a blessed day

    1. wannabe


      Yes the photo section is in the post. Would like to see it.

      Mike- Admin

  48. Robert Chandler

    Gretsch G400 cutaway
    Gretsch G6120SHBKTV
    Gretsch G6120SSU
    Gretsch Lap Steel
    Seagull CW GT flame maple mini jumbo
    National Dobro

  49. Paul

    o.k. here it is
    1.72` gold top les paul / with seth lovers in it
    2.84` all rosewood tele / all original( like george harrison )
    3.76` gibson explorer / all original
    4.04` 40th anniversary gold stratocaster
    5.94` burgendy mist mex strat / tex.specials
    6.2 prs santana 1. hard tail 1.with tremolo
    7.82` jerry donahue tele
    8.2 epiphone les pauls w/floyd rose
    9.many bastard strats i built w/standard & floyd roses
    10.86` H.M.series strat w/floyd rose

  50. wannabe

    Want to se that 72′ LP

  51. robert palladino

    1985 Gibson spirit Ser# 80753607
    2003 Washburn Dime 332 Ser# ?

    1. robert palladino


  52. BB

    I would love to enter this contest! Still looking for the way to post some Awesome pics of my 9 or so acoustic/electrics but can not find how??? someone please reply and give this lady instructions.

    Eager to sign up for Contest \m/

    1. wannabe

      Hi- you need to register. Some members have had problems with different browsers. Some get Explorer to work most get Mozilla to work. We are not sure why? When you register you will get a confirmation email. Sometimes that email ends up in a SPAM folder. Please let me know at info@axvault.com if you continue to have problems.

      Mike- Admin

  53. K

    I just saw this contest on FB. Is the contest still going on? Has the 10,000 entry mark been reached?

  54. wannabe

    Hi Thanks for stopping by. It has been over 1 year. We have @ 6000 members. An we are going to make a big push to finish by year end.

  55. sean petersen

    I have a custom built troy post guitar that is modeled after a prs custom
    i also own a stratocaster thanks

  56. Greg

    Yes I’d like to enter the contest giveaway for the Les Paul,
    Here is my list of guitars I own:

    1) 1972 Martin D-18
    2) 1957 Fender Precision Bass

    Thanks, hope I win !!!


  57. Jeff

    unable to upload photos!!!

    1. wannabe

      We have had issues before with browser compatibility. Try a different browser. I think Firefox works best. The issue is that there are so many versions and the various browser makers slowly obsolesce various version of the their browsers. That is the best explanation we have. I sure there are other factors. I apologize for the issue. Please try again with a different browser.

  58. JJ DeTemple

    one Epiphone Les Paul Jr, 1 Epiphone dot neck ES-335, one Fender 1988 12 string acoustic, 1 1992 Fender cutaway acoustic, a Dean 12 string electric/acoustic and a 1968 Checkmate acoustic, an 80 watt Marshall amp and a Fender
    PA system……I also have been playing 46 years and am a 35 year Radio DJ, I also run a mobile DJ service……..

  59. Richard Zangaro

    Kramer focus,Yamaha APX 5A acoustic,Gibson Epiphone acoustic

  60. Michael W Perkins

    When does is end? Just found it.

  61. Tony Angstead


  62. wannabe

    Everyone, Remember there is another give-away going on right now! In Fact two; One for getting new members to refer you and and you get entered into both, and the new member promo for the PRS. If you are a new member just get two other to join and you too are entered into the promo

    MIke- Wannabe, AxVault admin

  63. Omar

    Ibáñez guitarra are some Of The finest and best you can Get, listen and play.

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