One response to “Gibson Raided Again- What are they doing over there?”

  1. Brian

    wow…I am a Gibson lover… even if it were tru about the scarce wood used in manufacturing the most beautiful Guitar in history.. I am saddened that our race for humanity relies on other humanitarians make rules to set limits on a resource that they had no control over in the 1st place… These people who take more than they deserve need to stand in the soup line and get a job that actually serves the people rather than criminate the maker and try to take peoples earnings from them because of a rare wood that serves no real purpose other than to build somthing nice with it…EPA suck…all those guys are, are an old fashion bunch of fuzzy chinned loners with glasses at the edge of there noses that artificially found a way to take money to fill there pockets… A political malfuction amongst confusion and annomosity in the destruction of another American Company…Fight hard Gibson…the accusers are at fault for something and the tables will turn….

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