4 responses to “Gibson’s Problem’s With Getting Wood :) Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Robb Hindle

    As a slightly left of center Independent, I find that I agree with you on most of your opinions on this. I’m not sure that it’s a conspiracy by the President’s campaign committee. Possibly the DNC, but those jokers would do anything.

    Anyway,I think this is part of the problem with politics in general. The Gibson CEO is allowed to make small donations as a citizen, and even if I don’t agree with his choice, he has that right.

    I’d like to think that common sense would eventually take over here, and this situation would resolve, but then again, common sense is non-existent in DC.

    Robb Hindle,

  2. wannabe

    I agree.

  3. Jim Evans

    Get used to it if you don’t vote Obama out of the white house.
    I don’t care who is running for the office, I will vote for the front runner who opposes Obama.

    He and the Department of Justice, will continue to abuse power, ignore the will of the american citizens, pardon and not deport illegal aliens, allow gay marriages, and condone
    abortion. He is the worst president, of any color, that will
    ever be.

    And just where did Michelle Obama get the Gibson guitar she gave to French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy? Did she support who supported her and Barry by buying a Martin guitar? NO!. She gave her one of the seized guitars no doubt!

    Lets help them find another country to set up their totalitarium regime!

  4. russ mathies

    does this so called law in india state (if finished only in india) or what? otherwise any rosewood exported out of india is all illegal and they should go after the the exporters of this product!!!! India goverment going after the India companies!!! what Gibson is doing is not illegal in our country so what it our goverment doing!!! rosewood is used by many other companies in the USA I believe so why no action any other companies, sounds like political bullshit

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