6 responses to “Carbon Fiber Guitars- Are They The Future?”

  1. Robert

    Peavey Corp. purchased Composite Acoustic a few years back and has recently re-released some of those Carbon FIber models as well …

  2. Guitartec

    I have a X-Performer Composite Acoustic for sale. It will be sold at an undervalue as I’m selling it for a friend of mine who died recently (the proceeds go directly to his widow). The X performer is a shallow carbon fiber acoustic with a good pickup/preamp. It’s a remarkable guitar. Let me know if anyone has an interest. There are also several other instruments for sale ranging from a McPherson, Taylor Limited Edition, Gibson ES339 and others. Dean 401 352-4653

  3. wannabe


    I am interested. I will give you call


  4. Monte Thompson

    Wow, you don’t research very well. Check out Emerald guitars in Ireland. Mind blowing designs and playability. Steve Vai agrees.

    1. wannabe

      Ther are so many great guitar makers. That is what the AxVault Store is about. To get all of them together in one place with as one of a kind Guitar selector interfasce to find the correct builder or just browse. What we have in the store is a Beta version. Yes it is difficult to find all these great builders. Most do not belong to NAMM.

  5. Michael Brohl

    You didn’t look very hard. There is Emerald, Blackbird, Klos,Journey, Composite Acoustics. All make all carbon fiber guitars.

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