15 responses to “We Are Reworking The “Edit Your Guitar” Feature”

  1. AiXeLsyD13

    Very cool! I need to rotate my photos. 🙂

  2. Donald P Shell

    I can’t post a picture of my guitar.

    1. wannabe

      Hi Donald,

      I will check it out. We are testing a new form post so it may have caused a glitch. I will get back to you

  3. Dean

    I just wrote a long explanation of my new Koa Tele guitar. When I hit “submit”, it blew a lot of it away (not all of it). It blew the pics I posted away, all the details away, and some of my description away. In fact, the details are now wrong as it actually left improper info on my guitar.

    This is a great site and I always tell players who come to our busty shop to post their guitars on here. I even recently got my insurance company to write me a rider on my home owner’s policy based on what I have written on them here.

    The only problem is that the site often does not work correctly. Mike, PLEASE iron this stuff out. There’s HUGE potential here, but if people can’t post reliably, it’ll not fly.

    Hope you understand,

  4. wannabe

    Hi Dean,

    We have the new form. We are still testing it. I will let everyone know when everything works

    1. wannabe


      The new guitar post is up. We tested it for a week. Let me know if you find any glitches


  5. Glenn Birkhimer

    Can’t upload pictures, yet.

    1. wannabe

      Hi Glenn,

      I will check it out. we Have been testing the new form and found some bugs. Is this an old listing with a new picture or a new listing.

      Mike- Admin

      1. Glenn Birkhimer

        New listing. When I try to add a picture by browsing to a directory on my computer, none of the images I prepared show up in the selection window. Is there a size limit for uploaded pics?

        1. wannabe

          What browser are you using? We keep testing the new form and it works for firefox and IE.

          1. Glenn Birkhimer

            I’ve tried with Iceweasel 10.0 (Debian Firefox) and Opera 11.61

  6. jerry bozic

    I’m new to this site and can’t even figure out where to post my guitars? :-/

    1. wannabe

      Jerry, Up in the right hand corner. It says register guitar/my profile

  7. wannabe

    Yes there is a size but if they are standard photo sizes there should not be an issue. Do you know the size?

    Mike- Admin

  8. Glenn Birkhimer

    Got the picture of my guitar uploaded. Needed to put the extension in lower case (.jpg, not .JPG) for the upload tool to “see”it.

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