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    This article completely ignores the innovations Jeff Babicz has introduced, namely the lateral compression soundboard, that eliminates the need for the X-brace and greatly increases the freedom of the top to oscillate and give greater volume, the split torsion bridge and peripheral string anchors that have eliminated the pot-bellying that eventually warps virtually all tops and allows instant intonation adjustment, and the variable set neck that allows the raising and lowering of the neck without so much as changing the pitch with a hex key that rests behind the tuners. Some of these patented innovations have been licensed to Martin and Michael Kelly.

    1. wannabe

      I am not sure what that has to do with Andy Powers and his taking over as head Luthier at Taylor. A history of the developments of guitar building would be a whole other very interesting detailed article that we would happily publish. Send us something and we will get it up.

  2. Bill Todman, Jr.

    Great to meet Andy Powers, thanks! This article also tacitly speaks to the total foresight, lack of ego, and insistence by Bob Taylor for the impeccable, continued advancement of Taylor guitars way into the future. Bob has the creative business savvy to bring in an incredible luthier, who he absolutely respects and trusts, to lead the Taylor design team into the future, while he spends more time on macro issues like wood sustainability, growing Taylor to keep it’s high standards and major guitar innovations coming. Sharing his day-to-day stewardship of design, would normally be something very hard to for the Founder of a dynamic, incredibly successful company like Taylor Guitars… Hats off to Bob Taylor for leading the way again in the modern age of guitar making! And, if you haven’t yet read Bob’s book, GUITAR LESSONS, it’s a must for those interested in life lessons, passion for the guitar and company building Taylor continues to amaze – ’nuff said.

  3. Guitartec

    Good luck Andy. I hope you’re working on a New England-proof guitar.

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