One response to “1 Year After The Gibson Guitar Factory Raid- Still No Charges Filed”

  1. Guitartec

    We have a systemic problem here in America. I, for one, don’t know what we stand for anymore or who’s really running the show. As a country, we seem to have lost any focus, or even the ability to focus. This cannot continue.

    Here’s how to fix it….

    1. KILL YOUR TV. The media manufacturers our biggest problems in this country, and they knowingly perpetuate it. Simply don’t watch or read any form of corporate-owned news (at all).

    2. Time for a new Supreme Court with new rules. We’ve all lost all faith in the old one.

    3. Elect a President with a REAL mission to fix things. No BS, and hold him to dates of completion with factual results. Send him out disgraced if he fails.

    4. Corporations are businesses, NOT entities that can vote in elections or can affect them. Jail time for any corporate officials who feel differently.

    5. Make it illegal to be unAmerican. UnAmerican is anything that harms America or Americans as a whole in any way. Come up with crystal clear definitions so everyone knows how to live by this rule.

    Or we can just keep on doing what we’re doing til it all goes away.

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