FEDS Want To Seize Musicians Guitars? This Crazy Lacy Act Lunacy Just won’t Stop- aka ” Lunacy Act”

Posted on: May 18, 2012

Lawmakers are scrambling to save the summer concert season from federal agents poised to seize the instruments of rock and country stars because the wood used to make them may have been illegally harvested–and without their knowledge.

“I don’t want the musicians from Nashville who are flying to Canada to perform this summer to worry about the government seizing their guitars,” said Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander.

Alexander, whose state is home to famed Gibson Guitars used by bands and stars like Van Halen, the Allman Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Ted Nugent and Paul McCartney, said Friday that he and Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden are working to protect the artists, their instruments and makers and eventually change the law governing illegal wood harvesting.

“Senator Wyden and I are going to write the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service a letter in the next couple of weeks and try to make it clear that wood harvested before 2008 to make musical instruments can’t be seized by the federal government,” Alexander said in a statement. “The Justice Department and Fish and Wildlife have said they have no intention of doing that, but Sen. Wyden and I are going to make it absolutely clear. We hope to get a clear ruling within a few weeks, and if we can’t get a clear ruling, we’ll introduce legislation to change the Lacey Act.”

The 112-year-old Lacey Act regulates the trade in bird feathers for hats and was amended in 2008 to cover wood and plants. The goal: make sure the woods used were not exported in violation of another country’s laws.

Their goal is to protect wooden instruments built with materials imported before 2008, when the Act was expanded. “This law was never intended to apply to those instruments,” said Alexander.

They are also working to help companies like Gibson–raided by the Feds recently–figure out what imports are legal.

Wyden and Alexander met with representatives from the music industry, wood import business and environmental and conservation groups Thursday to settle on a solution.

“We held this roundtable because instrument makers like Gibson Guitars in Tennessee are an important part of our music industry, and if the Lacey Act as written is keeping them from being able to get the wood they need to make instruments, we need to make every effort to fix the regulation,” said Alexander.

“The law was intended to prevent illegal logging and protect U.S. job that are threatened by illegal logging, it was never intended to seize instruments or wood products that were obtained prior to the passage of the Lacey Act amendments in May 2008 because they were made from imported wood—and when laws have unintended consequences, Congress has a responsibility to promptly make changes,” he added.

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  1. GUitarstuff4U

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! stupid ass crap like this make “Normal” people,(not politicians) want to line up all the retards that make these stupid ass laws and run them over with a tank! Jesus Christ, makes me wonder just how these morons passed reading interpretation in school! People wake the hell up and vote the people that do this kind of stuff out of office in November!

    1. ben

      Hell yeah! This is more than just a little bit ridiculous. I don’t understand how these complete morons can think that they are actually doing the right thing. And if so, how can somebody THIS as a righteous course of action. I agree with you 100%. We are in desperate need of positve change and I fully intend to do my part.=)

  2. Ray Whiteside

    The feds have nothing better to do than take away a persons living in these hard times when we need music most.

  3. Scott Knauss "Coconut Grove. Fla."

    Jus alot of “HorseShit” as far as I’m concerned .. typical jackass nonesence !!!!!

  4. RC Hinrichs

    Someones been watching too much Faux.news

    1. Actual American

      RC Hinrichs feels that it’s important to control what information you are allowed to see. Your papers pleasss!

  5. Matt Fleming

    I have been following the Gibson Lacy Act debacle for a while. How I understand it is that it wasn’t about the actual wood, but whether or not the wood being shipped to Gibson was considered raw or finished. It is a law in Madagascar that wood shipped from them needs to be finished to a certain degree to protect local labor. The wood received by Gibson in the eyes of the U.S. Fed violated Madagascar’s law, not any U.S laws. Basically Gibson was raided because Madagascar didn’t follow their own laws. Or, perhaps they were raided because they supported Mike Huckabees in the 2008 presidential election, but that’s a whole other topic.

    Here is a video pertaining to the Lacy Act. Andrea Johnson of the Environmental Investigation Agency says the government has no interest is going after individual musicians. Once again, they say one thing and do another.


  6. JoeThePimpernel

    The purpose of the feral government is to put the peasants in their place.

  7. Robbins Mitchell

    Note to self:…buy more ammo at Walmart this weekend

  8. Peter

    This is just another racist attack by the black thug Eric Holder at the DOJ.. Mostly whites play guitar, right? Just like mostly whites go to tanning salons so there’s a ‘tanning salon tax’ in Obamacare. STOP THE BLACK RACISTS FROM PROTECTING BLACK PANTHERS AND ASSAULTING WHITES WITH THEIR BLACK RACIST LAWS!

    1. Kirk Oakes

      I hope this is a joke. If not, please leave your name and number at the purge center on the way out.

  9. DJ


  10. michael g

    the business in question was economically sound…the forest was replanted, the land protected and naturally sound, it created markets and economies for the local populations, and instead of us government protecting businesses here and abroad they use authority to stop what they ignorantly consider a problem with rare materials ie wood from a slow unproductive economy…they have not only hurt business here..but in india and surrounding populations…as usual the only authority they have is to say “NO” since their ignorance of nature and business authority is non-exhistant…again big government is bad government.

  11. bruce bennett

    as s guitar manufacturer, I have been following the events linked to these new lacey act amendments since they first started. and all I have to say is, if you read the admendments, you realize very quickly that they are nothing more than doublespeak. they are open ended and obscure in nature.
    they use very broad general terms instead of specific ones.
    like the terms “Plant and animal materials” ( direct quote)

    this can mean anything from eggs, cotton, Leather, seashell, lumber, ivory, milk, linseed oil. etc etc.. the list of plant and animal “materials” they we use daily is nearly endless.

    this act is nothing short of an attempt by our government to stop all small manufacturing & cottage shop industry in America. becasue as someone else pointed out, it doesn’t make ANY of these items “illegal” only open to “interpretation” by the Federal Government if these items are imported into the USA.

    The American Govermental system has gone beyond crooked and its time for people to here to say something and fast!

    they already effectively killed the Occupy Wall street movement, how long should we just sit here?

  12. edward

    it is sad when we need protection from those who are supposed to protect us

  13. Fredric Johnson

    From: Felony free Tax Paying Citizen

    Fix this mess ASAP. Fred J.

  14. Daniel Francis

    You can have my ax when you pry it from the hand of my dead body.

  15. george russell

    I doubt that they would come to our houses and take our axes. But if they choose to, come on with it I’ve got twelve pieces of wood here and one of them is gonna go where the wood goes.

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