One response to “Visionary Guitar Designer Phillip Jarrell’s guitars on Display TIFF VIP lounges and at Cosmo Music in Toronto”

  1. D. Wright

    Visionary designer indeed. Jarrell directly copied the Master Elite by Master Guitars and luthier George Gorodnitsky which has been made since 2001 (
    Okay, Jarrell changed the headstock, but he is not a design genius. He is a plagiarist who steals others work and takes credit for it himself. It’s also strange that Jarrell guitars get great press but you can’t buy one anywhere – except for possibly their website. They tell the guitar magazines that their guitars are $1500 retail with a street price of $900. On their website, there’s not a guitar for less than $2000. Where are all the Jarrell dealers? Oh yeah, there aren’t any. Jarrell has been exhibiting at NAMM and other music industry trade shows since 2010. Someone should have been able to buy one by now (Feb 2013).

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