Top 10 Best Rock Collaborations

Posted on: July 16, 2013

Top 10 Best Rock Collaborations of All Time

Ultimate Guitar held another poll which produced some interesting results.


What are the best rock collaborations of all time?

That’s what we asked UG readers to vote on for this week’s poll. We asked you to search far and wide for the most impressive guitar collaborations, and as usual, you didn’t disappoint.



10. BB King feat Eric Clapton “Riding with the King”

Two guitar legends who first performed together in 1967 at Cafe Au Go Go in New York when Clapton was still in Cream aged just 22. They often discussed recording together, but it took three decades to finally hit the study together to make this blues rock masterpiece.



9. Ronnie James Dio feat. Yngwie Malmsteen “Dream On” [Aerosmith Cover]

Metal’s greatest voice teams up with heroic shredder Yngwie Malmsteen for anAerosmith cover with puts the original version to shame.



8. Queens of the Stone Age feat. Dave Grohl

Queens of the Stone Age smashed into the mainstream rock consciousness with their stunning album “Rated R,” and it could have been a hard one to top. That’s when they drafted in Dave Grohl to play drums on its successor “Songs for the Deaf,” which was packed with so many driving riffs upon Grohl’s hard rock drumming style that “Rated R” looked positively tame in comparison. Here they are rocking Glastonbury Festival.



7. Roger Waters feat. Eddie Vedder “Comfortably Numb”

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast of America. To raise funds for the recovery, some of the worlds greatest stars collaborated for a night of unforgettable music, which even brought the surviving Nirvana line-up together with Paul McCartney. Here’s Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder performing a Pink Floyd classic with Roger Waters himself.



6. Deftones feat. Maynard James Keenan “Passenger”

White Pony” remains the centrepiece of Deftones‘ album discography, and while it’s packed to the brim with perfect progressive metal, “Passenger” stands out for having two of the most electric vocal performances of its era in just one song. Listen out for late bassist Chi Cheng towards the end of the song – his sweeping slow bass will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.



5. Run DMC feat. Aerosmith “Walk This Way”

This was the moment when rock and rap collided for the first time. It might have sparked off an awful era of tacky nu metal, but it was a revolution when it launched in the 80s as aRun DMC cover of the song that broke Aerosmith into the mainstream in the 1970s.



4. The Big Four “Am I Evil”

The Big Four is a tour of the four greatest thrash metal acts of all time – MetallicaSlayerMegadeth and Anthrax. This was the moment when members of all the bands stepped on stage together to cover the Diamond Head song “Am I Evil?” Watch history being made.



3. Michael Jackson feat. Eddie Van Halen “Beat It”

Even the most hardened metal fans who hate pop will bop their head to the best Michael Jackson tracks. Eddie Van Halen was asked to play the guitar solo for this song by producer Quincey Jones, and didn’t expect Jackson to go on to be such a huge star in his own right. Maybe he regrets offering to play the part for free.



2. Anthrax feat. Public Enemy “Bring The Noise”

Public Enemy are the most punk rap act in history. Their early work sparked off protests and wide cultural discussions, which are still debated in universities decades later. This track argues that rap should be considered a proper genre, just like rock. Chuck Dapparently set up the collaboration because he was impressed by Anthrax‘s Scott Ianwearing Public Enemy t-shirts at gigs.



1. David Bowie feat. Queen “Under Pressure”

Two of Britain’s greatest pop exports of all time met in Switzerland for a jam session – and it’s a good thing they did. They battled past their egos to produce one of the most greatest songs in Queen‘s catalogue, and some might argue it’s one of Bowie‘s best too. If one thing is for sure, it’s the best rock collaboration of all time. Enjoy!



What do you think of the results today? Share your opinion and links to your personal favorite collaborations in the comments.

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