One response to “Grace Potter & the Nocturnals “Medicine” Live at Vibes 2013 | AxVault Original Media”

  1. Guitartec

    I think whether or not you like Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, ya gotta love that they are an old time rock band doing originals. They have a lot of musical strengths; good vocals, musicianship, sexy, with songs that are interesting with good structure. The problem is, they need some hit songs that are memorable. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a “hit song” anymore. While running around on stage showing some T&A is totally awesome (wicked 70’s- I love it), it may not prove to be enough to keep them around long-term. BTW, where’s the hot bass player chick? She was awesome! I hope she’s not history???

    Anyway, in order to survive, I think that GP &tN needs to produce some strong, memorable hits that get texting kiddies off their smartphones as well as turns the heads of the older folks of the 70’s. They seem to have the talent- it’s all there, but the songs need to be memorable, whistleable (a mark of a good song), and get a lot of web play. I just hope they don’t stop the T&A fashion show simply to change their image. That would be a mistake IMHO. It’s the reason I caught them in the first place while seeing them on PBS.

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