Epiphone 1978 Ibanez Artist 2262 EQ. Steve Miller model

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Adam Brannon

AxVault Record No.: 3834

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  • Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Epiphone
  • Model/Stylename: 1978 Ibanez Artist 2262 EQ. Steve Miller model
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Description:
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

Guitar Body

  • Body Color: Sunburst
  • Body Shape: Double Cut out

6 responses to “Epiphone 1978 Ibanez Artist 2262 EQ. Steve Miller model”

  1. Guitartec

    Steve Miller didn’t play one with an active EQ. I know this because I bought my first real guitar (and Ibanez Artist 2618) in 1977 b/c I saw Steve Miller on a Crawdaddy magazine cover, and I fell in love with it. Steve Miller was playing a first year 1976 model Artist they just introducing to America. They had not made the Active model Artist until a few years later, like 1978.

    1. Guitartec

      Okay, I fucked up. Guess I remember wrong what Steve Miller played. My bad. Coulda sworn he had a 2617 or 2618 Artist . I’m old. Fuck me!

  2. Guitartec

    No wait… I have been vindicated!
    Steve Miller is on the July 1977 cover of Crawdaddy Magazine playing a 2619 (non-active Artist). It a coil tap only. I know it wasn’t active!

  3. Adam

    If he was using an Artist before ’78, it would have been a non-eq model. The EQ model as pictured was only made for two years (’78-’79) before it was changed a bit in ’80. He used an EQ model after release. He is shown playing it on the ’78 Ibanez catalog.

  4. Adam

    Opps. Made 3 years, ’77-’79 before changed. He is on the ’77 catalog.

  5. Adam

    Here is a link to an article that shows the Ibanez guitars he helped design and him talking about his partnership with them. It shows the pre-eq model you are speaking of, the first eq model I have and the eq models that came after the 2262. Pretty cool read!!


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