Cortley P Bass Style

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Gene Nunn

AxVault Record No.: 2222

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  • Type: Bass
  • Manufacturer: Cortley
  • Model/Stylename: P Bass Style
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: P Bass Style, has good sound and action. Only thing missing is the Bridge cover. Has one lipstick Pickup. Asking $350.00
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

3 responses to “P Bass Style”

  1. Bob Carpenter

    I have one identical to this. It has become my #1. Has Basslines vintage p-bass pickup. Ash body is beautiful, maple neck and fretboard. I have the bridge cover back on. I like the looks!

    1. Gene A. Nunn

      Mine didn’t have the Bridge cover. I can see where it was, the wood is lighter. I don’t use it on stage, just a little at home every now and then.

  2. Bill Burrell

    Hi, I have the CB 200 and the pickups are bad. Does anyone know where I can get some pickups for this bass. thanks

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