Fender Bronco Bass


AxVault Record No.: 2179

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  • Type: Bass
  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model/Stylename: Bronco Bass
  • Serial Number: None
  • Serial Number Location: None
  • Condition: Perfect
  • Description: Fender Bronco Bass, Sea Foam Green. I have replaced the PickGuard, but I have the original. Short Scale Maple neck, Flat wound Strings. I have just sold the Bronco to Jessica Goldman. I hope she has many years of Fun with it. The Matching Bullet H2 has Been Autographed by 38 Special while in Tulsa, OK. It was designed for them to Autograph, it has 38 inlayed in the Body with 38 Special Bullets They autographed the Pickguard, so before wearing all the names off I found another one and kept the original for prosparity.
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

8 responses to “Fender Bronco Bass”

  1. Jessica

    Is this for sale? If so, how much?

  2. Gene A. Nunn

    Well I haven’t thought about selling it, but if you are interested shoot me an offer. It doesn’t have a mark on it.

  3. Jessica

    how low would you go?

  4. Gene

    Jessica, if you really want it, I would let it go for $250.00 that is about what I have in it.



  5. Jessica

    That works for me! Can we discuss payment and shipping arrangements via email? My email is drummerchiickk@gmail.com. Looking forward to your email!

  6. wannabe

    Hi Remember you can transfer the guitar and keep a record in your ‘vault: so it traces it title of ownership.

    Mike- admin

  7. Gene A. Nunn

    I will get that done after all the shipping is finished to Jessica.

  8. Gene Nunn

    Jessica, I have tried to do the Transfer, but it is coming up with a problem every time I do it. I will write them and see what is going on. I wrote that I had sold it to you though, and we will get it done so I can see you on here with it.



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