Fender Bullet H1

Joe Evers

AxVault Record No.: 2070

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  • Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model/Stylename: Bullet H1
  • Serial Number: E113420
  • Serial Number Location: Front of headstock
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Description: Double cutaway Fender Stratocaster-shaped body with a maple neck with a Telecaster style headstock - metal pickguard-bridge combination with one humbucker with coil tapping button (humbucking pickup is really two single coil pickups with alnico rod magnets side-by-side. Great playing guitar. Made in USA!!! 1982
  • Vintage Guitar? Yes

4 responses to “Fender Bullet H1”

  1. Gene Nunn

    Great Bullet too.

  2. Kenneth Weaverling

    Dear Sir, very nice Guitars, I have a Fender Bullet, Serial Number E113117, on the Neck, I was wondering if it is a 1981, it is a very nice Guitar no doubt, I picked it up in a Pawn Shop years ago, I would appreciate any information, It’s Red with a White Pick Guard, once again a very nice Collection of Guitars

    1. Joe Evers

      Post some pics. Include a full frontal guitar shot, close-up headstock, back full shot, back headstock, close-up of bridge/pickguard/pickups. Make sure in the headstock photo it shows serial number. But, from what I have from you so far, it was made in 81 or 82 in Fullerton, CA. Is it a double cutaway like a strat or a single like a telecaster? That information is important for the year. Please show pics, I can’t wait to see it. Bullets are awesome!

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