Greatest Bassists of All Time

There are countless lists that debate and reinforce who the best guitar players are. We’ve all seen them. Hendrix, Clapton, Page – you know how the story goes. After watching Grammy-winning bassist Victor Wooten demo a new Vox product, I started doing some research to see what the consensus was on the best BASS players. Turns […]

10 Punk Bands You Wish You Could Have Seen

Punk rock is notorious for its brash, unapologetic reputation and raucous, high-energy style. The genre has produced tenured three-chord titans, short-lived lessons in volatility, and every variation in between. Some of us were born a bit too late to see our favorite punk acts perform live, and some of our favorite punk acts imploded before […]

What Are The Best Sub-Two Minute Songs?

By Ben Hewitt via NME Lengthy, seemingly never-ending epic tracks are a thing of beauty, of course – and if you aren’t convinced, then listen to Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’ and bow down to its sheer majesty – but sometimes, there’s nothing better than a quick blast of a tune to disperse those cobwebs. So today, the scribes in […]

First ever International Cassette Store Day

  September 7th will be the first ever International Cassette Store Day, according to NME. Modeled after Record Store Day, select stores will feature a number of limited edition albums released on cassette, and modern classic albums re-released on the much-loved format. A statement from the organizers: “No longer the inadequate, younger sibling of Vinyl […]

Top 10 Best Rock Collaborations

Ultimate Guitar held another poll which produced some interesting results.   What are the best rock collaborations of all time? That’s what we asked UG readers to vote on for this week’s poll. We asked you to search far and wide for the most impressive guitar collaborations, and as usual, you didn’t disappoint.     10. BB King feat […]