• Dean posted an update: 7 years, 4 months ago


    I Just finished putting together my company guitar (my company is GUITARTEC REPAIR located in Coventry, RI and Medway, MA).

    It’s called a Hexomorph Volcano. Basically, this is a Warmoth FrankenTele with a body made from koa over mahogany. The neck is a FatBack AAA flamed maple neck with a compound radius (10”-16”) fretboard with stainless steel Dunlop 6230 vintage frets. It has a double expanding truss rod with a side adjuster.

    This absolutely stunning instrument has loads of real cool stuff, like ToneShaper circuitry and an amazing neck joint that utilize much stronger 8-32 machine screws (instead of the normal wood screws).

    For pure balls, it has a Fralin Blues Special hybrid pup in the lead position and a Jason Lollar 52T gold neck pickup.

    I spared no expense on this baby. See it in my Guitartec collection under ”Hexomorph Volcano”.