• Michael commented on the blog post Hondo Deluxe Series 775 6 years, 5 months ago

    By the way, I know one of my other guitars (Hondo Strat Style) was described as being like my first guitar, so let me clarify: The 775 is like the guitar a friend of mine had that got me interested in playing, and the strat style (don’t know the model number) is like the first […]

    • I really like you collection, I gave you all 5’s. They look Great!!!

    • Thanks for your kind words Gene! I like your basses too, especially the ”David S. Winokur Custom” and the ”Fender Frankin P Bass” that you apparently sold! I can’t bring myself to sell guitars anymore–too many regrets from letting the good ones get away through the years–’79 hardtail Fender Strat, ’85 Carvin doubleneck, ’90 Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck, and a ’96 Gibson SG to name the main ones I still kick myself in the ass over. There was a real nice Alvarez electric too, but can’t remember the model name. Last guitar I sold was the BC Rich Warlock I have posted on here, and I even regret that even though I’m not as much into the ”crazy-shaped” guitars.