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When I was young back in the early 60's I got hooked on the Beatles. My mom got me their 45 "Love me do". I was about 5. 1969, i wanted to go to Woodstock to see Jimmy Hendrix, but my mom said I was too young. I was 12. That's when I started trying to play the guitar. At that time I had an old accustic that had action like a lapslide guitar. My first electric was a Silvertone, with the amp built into the case. wish I still had it! Anyway, by the late 70's, I was influenced by Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. I went through a time doing Christian Rock and from there, my influences broadened From Jazz, Blues, New Age. And now Chill. I try to take all these influences and roll them all together to create my own style, I hope. If you'd like to here some of my music, please go to this site;
The music is kind of a raw recording. Needs Mastering.

Guitar I would love to own:

Les Paul

Favorite guitar in my collection:

Ovation Deacon

The guitar I would love to add to my collection:

Les Paul

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My favorite amplifier:

Carvin X-100

Favorite place to shop for guitars:

Nicotera's Music Center

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