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  • sekovas are hard to research —there are no serial #s–made in japan in the 60s and 70s—then made in korea for a short time. It is even dificult to get the model names (I have a catalogue}. These guitars are similar to tesico guitars and probable made in the same plant. There are many models […]

  • I bought this guitar on craigs list and decided to start a sekova collection.
    I have only seen one other six pickup for sale but he pulled the ad before I could purchase.
    I now have many sekova guitars–(they are not expensive)and plan to have every guitar I can find.

  • purchased a 60s sekova mandolin without a bridge. It is a arch top but I bought 2 bridges and neither one worked, I would love to find a vintage bridge that works.

  • tim sharpe posted an update: 7 years, 4 months ago

    recently started collecting vintage electric guitars, and bought 2 sekova (60s japanese) guitars. One is a gold top grecian–the other is a 12 string mentor (so I am told). I am looking for any info out there, I have had little luck and have not seen these guitars anywhere else except for a few pictures on the web.

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