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AxVault, the first and only online community for guitar enthusiasts and collectors. Post your guitar collection for members to view, comment, and rate. An AxVault Collection creates “Virtual Provenance,” a chain of ownership that will increase the value of your instrument and create a permanent record, for your instruments. Create your profile today and give your collection a virtual life and permanent history while sharing with other members in the AxVault community.

Register your Guitar by posting an in-depth profile from the 110+ categories and unlimited photo and video display; Reduce the chance of theft and also add to our database of guitar models for information and amusement.

Start your guitar collection today by clicking on register now to view all Guitars and collections for free. Display your entire guitar collection in one secure location. Click on the top Manufacturers on the left to see a complete listing of posts, news and guitars that have been posted. Axvault is for every manufacturer and model. The ones listed are just to make it easy to find the most popular. In the search feature you can search to see any brand or model that has been posted. The more posts the more interesting the site will become. Our goal is to create an living archive of all models and brands for reference, prevent theft, enhance value, and amusement, from all around the world.
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AxVault came about when the founders and their fellow guitar enthusiasts found it nearly impossible to get the information they needed about their guitars to evaluate and appraise them accurately. Manufacturers only provided vague information and searching online for information on my guitar serial numbers brought me only suggestions toward finding the history of our collections. We, at Axvault, thought it was time for an online registry of guitars to collect and preserve information required to accurately evaluate and increase the value of instruments and collections.

Register your collection today and search via make, model, color, or guitar serial number. Keep your collection in top condition with a technician or luthier recommended by fellow enthusiasts. As AxVault grows and evolves we intend to add functionality. We have many ideas for functions to add but we would like them to one our users will use.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Please Post.  There is much more functionality We want to incorporate into the site.  The more users the greater the chance we can get manufacturer support for some very cool stuff.

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