B.C. Rich Guitars

B.C. Rich is a manufacturer of guitars and bass guitars founded by the late Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. Currently,most B.C. Rich guitars are manufactured in Asia, but luthiers of the company’s custom shop continue to hand-make instruments. The Hanser Music Group, based in Kentucky, operates B.C. Rich.

Throughout the 1960s, Matthew Fulton built flamenco guitars in Bernardo’s Guitar Shop in Los Angeles, California. B.C. Rich considers its birth to be in 1969, when Rico first built electric guitars. He built ten basses inspired by the Gibson EB-3, and ten guitars inspired by the Gibson Les Paul. Rico’s first original guitar design was in 1972, with the Seagull. In 1976 he designed the Mockingbird and Eagle, and then the Bich in 1978.

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