Why AxVault?

As an independent entity we freely and honestly provide information on all guitar manufacturers. Our system was conceived, designed, built, and is continually upgraded by and for guitar enthusiasts for guitar enthusiasts. We encourage feedback from our membership on improvements you’d like to see and implement changes daily to make our member experience the best it can possibly be. Our articles with musicians and manufacturers keep you apprised of industry news and trends. Our communications features allow guitar enthusiasts worldwide to trade tips on collecting determining authenticity and a place to view guitars and collections.

Why should I post my guitar(s)?

Collectible guitars are without doubt functional works of art. Much like provenance in the world of fine art a Virtual Provenance is a documented chain of ownership authenticating the genuine status of an instrument including upgrades, repairs, and condition. Posting on Axvault documents legitimate ownership and aids in the prevention of counterfeiting, fraudulent modification, and resale of stolen equipment. We like to call this “Virtual Provenance” it significantly increases the resale value of your collection providing secure and trusted documentation to future owners.
Guitars last lifetimes; guitar owners don’t

Can I transfer of my guitars profile to another member?

Yes! Soon you will be able to transfer profiles. We would like all manufacturers and retailers to be able to upload guitars so that when you buy the guitar the profile is almost completed and you can just take possession of the profile. We would like to create a complete database of all the worlds guitars.

Is my information secure?

Yes, AxVault is a secure site using the best technology available to keep our members data safe and secure. Members have the option to provide as much or as little information as desired that can be viewed by others. All postings are listed by anonymous screen names and passwords chosen by the member.
How do I sign up?

Follow the Sign Me Up link. Create a user name and password and provide as much or as little information about yourself and your guitar preferences and get started adding instruments..

Can there be duplicate serial numbers?

Yes, but not common. Some manufacturers, Gibson for one, has changed serial number assignment systems several times. This affects a small number of guitars made. We will need to have millions of guitars registered before we believe there will be a major issue. Other identifying criteria may be used by to distinguish guitars from each other, logos, hardware, dimensions, etc. AxVault will make every effort to flag duplicate serial numbers and request additional information from users to complete their registration.

Each registration creates a unique registration number. That will not be duplicated.

Can I hide my serial numbers?

Yes. You can also make a guitar public or private and retain a record of your past guitars.

Is Axvault an Auction Site?

No, Axvault is a free online information website. We are attempting to create a complete archive and guitar community where musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts can start their display their guitar(s) collections.  Classified will be added soon.

We at Axvault hope to create an enjoyable worldwide community around information and discussion about guitar collecting. We have more features planned as we grow our user base. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments please contact us through the contact Axvault link at the bottom of the page.

I Do Not See my Guitar Manufacturer Listed

We needed to start somewhere.  More Manufacturers and quick drop down entries will be added as the demand requires.

I have a Luthier Built Custom Guitar, Can I Register and Post it?

Yes.  There are optional fields for almost every category.  Our goal at Axvault is to chronicle all guitars in the world.  We just re-launched 4/1/2011.  We will build from here.